You have just 2 weeks left to be part of the iContract story…

27th March 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

6 weeks ago, iContract launched its SEEDRS crowdfunding campaign to immediate success, and since then we’ve seen over 125 investors committed to our vision.
You now have just 2 WEEKS left to be part of the next chapter in iContract’s story.
At this important stage, we thought we’d raise some questions you might have about our SEEDRS campaign and answer them:
  • What is crowdfunding? And who are SEEDRS?
Crowdfunding is when an online campaign is set up by a person or company to raise funds for a particular project. Crowdfunding campaigns are open to the general public and by investing in a campaign, an investor will receive something in exchange for their financial contribution. SEEDRS are an online equity network that hosts crowdfunding campaigns for early stage start-ups. With SEEDRS, investors receive equity in a company in exchange for their investment.
  • How much are iContract raising in this campaign?
iContract is raising £300,000 through the SEEDRS platform, with an equity offering of 9.09 %and a pre-money valuation of £3,000,000.
  • Who can invest?
SEEDRS is an open public platform and investment in iContract is open to anyone who is interested in investing in the platform.
  • Why is iContract currently crowdfunding?
iContract is an online platform made for contractors, by contractors. With this in mind, we wanted to offer our contractor community a unique and one-off opportunity to own a stake in iContract and become a company shareholder.
  • If i’m interested in investing in iContract on SEEDRS, is there a specific amount I have to invest?
You can invest as little as ten pounds in iContract through SEEDRS and that is the beauty of crowdfunding. No matter how small your appetite might be for investment, SEEDRS aims to make investment more accessible for people with an interest in investment.
  • So what happens with my investment?
By investing in iContract through SEEDRS you will immediately become an iContract shareholder. As a shareholder you’ll receive exclusive company updates on the platform’s progress and development via the SEEDRS platform on a regular basis.
With only TWO WEEKS left of our campaign, now is the time to play your part in iContract’s exciting future.
Be sure not to miss out on this one-off opportunity. Find out more by visiting our campaign at