Winning that dream contract

5th March 2017

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Many professionals in the contracting sector can feel spoilt for choice the amount of contracts available to them that are easily within their experience and skill set. Every so often there may be a contract opportunity arise that captures a contractor’s interest more so than usual and this contract will be more desirable to them compared to the usual contracts that they normally pick up. This can be for numerous reasons; the flexibility the contract allows, the financial package it offers, or maybe the work culture it promotes. Though contractors may be comfortable in the contracts that employ them, there is always a dream contract they’re looking to acquire.

The popularity and appeal of these dream contracts makes the hiring process a naturally competitive one and no matter how qualified or experience a contractor may believe they are, there is every chance that their application for this contract will be unsuccessful.

What can contractors do then to win these dream contracts that are at times slightly out of reach?


Like in any employment application, it pays to research the company you are interested in working for. Find out if there’s been an interesting piece of news about them, if they’ve won any awards, or any challenges they’ve been experiencing lately. Your knowledge of the company will reflect well to hiring managers and demonstrate your enthusiasm to be a part of the organisation’s story.

Get training

In your research, have an in-depth look at the type of contractors they are looking for. Is there a specific skill set that a company is asking for which you’ve got knowledge of, but not perhaps to the level they’re looking for? If this is the case, always look at how you can better your skill set and experience. Think about investing in further training or taking on some top-up courses you can do in your spare time. With the right kind of research, you can find a lot of free courses that can be flexibly done to your schedule.

Are you C.V ready?

It’s always good to give your C.V and professional networks a good spruce up. Try to do a C.V review every 2-3 months, always thinking about how you can make it better and more appealing to hiring managers. There are many online tools you can find that review C.V’s for free that will give you some great advice.

Also, be sure to always tailor your C.V to the contract that you’re applying for. It’s very easy to get complacent and use a C.V that acts as a generic template for all your contract applications. The more compatible you show you are to the contract in your C.V, the greater chance you have of landing the contract successfully.

Reach out!

The contractor community is one of the most helpful communities around – embrace it! When looking for contracts, don’t be afraid to talk to your contractor peers and reach out for help. Someone you know may have previously worked for the company you’re interested in working for. Find out more about the company from them and see if they can give you information that will give you that competitive edge over fellow applicants.

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