Why today’s employees are always looking ahead to their next job

17th August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Contrast today’s candidate to your typical candidate twenty years ago, their ambitions are very different. Where the candidate of the past would be interested in choosing a career and sticking it out for the long haul and climbing the corporate ladder, today’s employees have made job hopping a fashionable thing and made this trend the must have item on any CV. So what seem to be the main reasons behind these modern day aspirations?

Seeking new challenges

Candidates today have itchy feet. As much as they will jump head first into a role and accrue as much knowledge and experience as possible, they are soon looking for a new challenge six months to a year down the line. Could this desire to seek out new challenges have something with our tech obsessed world where average attention spans and patience have been reduced to minimum levels. Candidates are in constant search for excitement in their working lives and are always looking ahead to what new challenges they can sink their teeth into.


A new challenge comes with it the prospect of learning new skills and developing your candidate profile. Previous roles and work experience a candidate may have taken on, may have not allowed them enough freedom in the way they work and their role will have been confined to a strict set of guidelines that they had to work within. Today’s candidates are curious creatures who want the freedom to try new things and explore new ways of working.

Financial Reward

One obvious motivator for candidates seeking out new opportunities within a short space of time has been financial incentive. With there a plethora of opportunities that offer a competitive work environment and financial package, their desire for change is understandable. With the world of contracting offering lucrative financial reward, it is no surprise why many employees are becoming a part of this industry which is also flexible, challenging, and exciting to a candidate.

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