Whilst you were away…what you might have missed on iContract

11th October 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

It’s been non-stop here at iContract the past few weeks and a lot has taken place since we launched as a BETA platform back in early June. It may be a case that you joined us initially as one of our original iHeroes, or registered early on whulst we were still in our infancy. With that you might not have checked in a while, and were waiting for new developments within the platform.

Well here’s just some of the things that have happened at iContract whilst you were away. Hopefully it’s enough to get you checked back in.

More contracts

We’re now seeing more regular activity from recruiters and hiring managers, with contracts posted on a daily basis. iContract has a host of live contracts in Finance, Tech and FinTech, that are based across the UK, and are looking for contractors to apply to. Check our social media profiles or follow any of the iContract team on LinkedIn to get regular updates on what are the latest contracts to land on iContract.

More contractors

Our contractor community is constantly growing and we recently went past the 2,000 mark for contractors. This is great news as with more contractors, we are seeing more job posters register with iContract who are keen to connect with more contractors for positions they are in need of filling. This also enhances the community element of iContract – contractors and recruiters can make more connections and interact with each other through the platform.

Live event

We recently had our first in an ongoing series of live events. The contractor/recruiter social was attended by over 100 people in WeWork, Old Street, and was a tremendous success that was enjoyed by all. In the event we gave an update on the iContract story so far and where we’re heading, and were also joined by our service partner friends CMME who hosted some mortgage consultancy sessions for our contractor audience. It was also a chance for contractors to socialise with recruiters outside the walls of iContract. We have more events planned like this, so keep posted on our social media networks.

Social universe

One of our planned future features for iContract is a social universe which will give users the opportunity to interact with the iContract community on a more open scale, share content, as well as ask for advice and comment on industry news. Whislt we wait for the finalised social universe to be implemented on iContract, we’ve created a Slack group for iContract members to use. This group will serve the same function as the planned social universe and allow users to interact with each other and talk about all things contracting related. You can access the slack group here.

Feel like you’re missing out on iContract? Why not join our growing contractor community and discover more about iContract as a platform. Register you free contractor account here.