Where will the future take the future worker?

13th September 2018

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An uneventful team day out in the country or a three day conference up north are just some of the typical places where people’s work will have taken them outside the four walls of their office. The prospect of working in exciting, glamorous and exotic locations in Europe and the Far East seemed for a while, to be only reserved for certain occupations.

To reach these destinations and be privy to these quirks one needed; multi-lingual skills, to work in a role that demanded global coverage and attention, or be executively woven into the corporate world.

There has now been a balancing of power in the workplace. Physical borders that constrained the way we work have been broken down thanks to technology. The nature of your job does not always dictate where you work, the worker can now be the driving force. With today’s empowering tech tools, you can take your work to practically anywhere with a decent wi-fi connection.

Work, Save, Travel, Work and so on, would be the familiar routine of workers with the desire to globetrot, but whose careers could only allow them to realise these ambitions outside their 9 to 5 work schedule. Work whilst you travel or work on the go is fast becoming an exciting new normal for many. The concept of remote work has been given a new lease of life. A remote worker’s office for the day need only be an e-mail address and phone number. Exciting potential then, for freelance, remote or gig workers who want to follow their personal dreams of travel – location need not hold them back.

Where could the future take the future worker though realistically? One day could we see workers experience a new country for each day of the working week? What will we even classify the working week as in years to come?

Whatever the outcome, an exciting future awaits for those willing to embrace the new way of work.

The world of work is changing! With frequent discussion this week about the introduction of a 4 day work week – what else do you see as possible for work in the future?

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