What kind of contracts are being posted on iContract?

15th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With iContract continually growing, and more contractors signing up and recruiters and hiring managers registering with the platform, what do we know about the type of contracts that are being posted and are available to the contractor community?

iContract has three sectors currently; finance, tech and legal, with tech being one of iContract’s biggest sectors, and finance running a close second.

These three sectors may seem like broad industries and prospective contractors might think that currently, iContract doesn’t have contracts that cater for their experience and skill set.

For those who may still be thinking of registering with iContract, here are some of the most common contracts that are posted to iContract on a daily basis.


One of the most in-demand roles in the tech sector and something that iContract is bursting to the sides with. There are many types of developers in the tech community; Java Developer, iOS, Mobile App, Full Stack, .Net and Front End, all with different skill and experience requirements; SASS, CSS3, Angular, C#, HTML5 and JavaScript. Based in locations such as London, Cambridge and Manchester, the day rates for these roles vary from £350-650 per day. With the online world blossoming, iContract is hosting a number of new developer roles each day.

Business Analyst

One of our regular financial contract positions is Business Analyst. These roles are usually in an Investment Banking setting or sometimes within an IT setting. An ideal candidate would have experience in client relations, working with derivatives, process mapping and on-boarding. These fantastic positions can pay up to £750 per day and are normally based in trendy and popular cities like London and Edinburgh.

Cyber security manager

With online security being a huge concern for many financial institutions, the finance sector has seen great demand for Finance-Tech roles such as Cyber Security Managers. Added to that the forthcoming changes to GDPR and data security, the finance world is experiencing a boom in these positions. Based in financial powerhouse cities such as London, these roles can command a minimum of around £500 per day.

The number of live contracts posted on iContract is growing daily. With contracts in finance, legal and tech, find your next contract today on iContract by registering your contractor profile for free here.