What Contracting won’t do for you

25th May 2017

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Nothing in this world is perfect. For every positive we can think of, there’s always a negative that puts doubt in our mind over something. There are many in this world who aren’t risk takers and like to play it safe and with a degree of caution.

There is a strong case for this discussion when looking at contracting. Many have pondered the idea of becoming a contractor and have hesitated to take the leap into this new form of employment for various reasons, be it the lack of financial security, or the administrative headaches with having to arrange your own insurance and personal benefits (pensions, healthcare, etc).

These are all sensible reasons for you to think why contracting might not be for you, but have you considered what reasons are out there that are against the idea of you not becoming a contractor? Here’s a few things that contracting definitely won’t do for you.

Career Stagnation

The security of a full time, 9 to 5 job is one that provides stability and a regular pay-check. It is a choice for people who like consistency and are not so open to change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but deciding to go down this steady path may cause you to get stuck in a counter-productive cycle and one of which you can’t get out of. Where’ll you’ll find yourself in a role that consistently asks the same things of you, you are not allowing yourself to be challenged and for that your career will ultimately stagnate.

Contracting offers variety and diversity with the numerous projects you can work on, with the potential that these projects might even be based abroad. No day as a contractor will ever be the same and you’ll be challenging yourself and developing your skill-set constantly.

Underpaid and underappreciated

Contractors hold a unique place in the work world. They are hired normally for their specific skill-set and that they provide an immediate solution to a project or piece of work that needs a particular type of support. For their distinct and in-demand skill, plus their unique tax status, contractors can be paid very well in contrast to those working full-time.

How many times have you heard someone in a full time position bemoaning their current situation, complaining about the amount of hours they work but they never seem to get the financial reward or recognition they feel they deserve? This is not the case for contractors, they are paid for the hours they work and are ultimately hired as there is a recognition on an employer’s behalf that they have a specific skill-set that they need.

Married to your job

More complaints on behalf of the full-time worker. This time on how their job and commitment to it hinders their family life and other aspects of their life outside of work. Ever felt that you’re constantly just working and not really enjoying what life can offer and missing out on family time? With contracting, you have more freedom and choice over the way you work and can find contracts that are more flexible to your needs, thus giving you the time to spend with family and friends and achieve that positive work-life balance.

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