What are the biggest concerns of start-ups when hiring?

31st August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

The digital world we currently inhabit is a remarkable one that is growing exponentially. With the UK’s start-up scene blossoming, and various new industries waiting to be disrupted or ‘Uber-ised’, it is an exciting world to be part of and a great time to get your start-up idea off the ground with many investors always keen to stake a claim in the next big thing.

Whatever stage your start-up is at, the hiring process will always prove to be challenging, even for the most skilled and experienced HR professional. For today’s start-ups, what seem to be their biggest concerns when hiring?


The art of hiring has to be both sensible and sustainable. Whether a start-up has received a large amount of investment, or is working with tighter finances, budgeting is something a start-up will have to pay serious attention to when investing in new talent.

Tech talent is something huge in demand and developer rates vary from individual to individual. It’s easy for start-ups to get lost amongst the talent out there and find the appropriate rates their organisation can work within in financially.


This can be linked to the idea of budget, but start-ups in their early stage will not want to make too drastic investments and commitments to their hiring needs. A start-up and its concept may need time to fully realise its capability as a platform and with that, budgets may have to be staggered over a longer period of time in line with the growth of a company. This is where working with talent that can be flexible to a start-up’s need is important. Finding that right talent that matches the flexibility of a start-up can be difficult, particularly amidst the large body of tech talent that is available to connect with.


When investing budget on hiring, start-ups must do so sensibly and correctly. This means that most importantly, they hire the right talent that is going to take them forward. If we look at the tech industry in particular, there are individuals working within this community all from different backgrounds and varying skill-sets. Finding the right talent that ticks all the boxes skills-wise can be extremely challenging within a talent pool that is continually expanding. Start-ups can waste huge amounts of money and time having to assess candidates and if they have the right skills for a role, way before they even consider whether a person is a right fit for their company personality wise.

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