What are recruiters looking for today?

30th May 2017

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The way we work is changing rapidly and so to is the way we hire talent. Recruiters and hiring managers have witnessed great demand and competition in their industry, and their remit has expanded way beyond filling people in positions. With this expansion, naturally their responsibilities have become greater and so to has their need to seek effective new processes of working and recruiting. So just what are recruiters looking for today?

A new pool of candidates

Talent is constantly on the rise. With new types of workers being created thanks to advancements in technology and new in-demand skill sets being sought after by talent seekers, recruiters are always on the look out for where the next wave of talent is coming from. Any resource or community that they can tap into and access a plethora of new candidates will be seen as gold-dust for a recruiter or hiring manager.

New discovery tools

Having access to a number of candidates is one thing, but finding the right profile amongst the masses is another. Anything that can help a recruiter yield effective and accurate search results and ultimately lessens the need to cold call or trawl through hundreds of CVs and connects them to candidates quicker, will be an effective tool to help them in their day to day duties.

Better Assessment

Once a candidate is discovered by a recruiter or hiring manager who looks to be a good fit for the role, this doesn’t always guarantee they are 100% right for the position. A recruiter will have to find out more about them and gain further insight into their skills, experience and history. A tool that can further filter a candidate’s credentials and assess them thoroughly without too much time and expense spent on the recruiter’s behalf will also be a valuable asset in their hiring processes.

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