We’ve got exciting news about future platform developments on iContract…

2nd November 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Good Morning Contractors!

We want iContract to help you find the most relevant contracts easily and effectively and our development team are constantly working hard to ensure the platform provides you with the best user experience as a contractor. With that, we have some exciting news about planned platform updates in the pipeline.

  • Improved search function – We’re looking to implement free search into our ‘Search’ Contract function to allow contractors to create more detailed job searches including search text such as ‘and’ ‘or’.

  • Tailor made notification preferences – We want to keep you notified of what’s going on with iContract but on your terms. We’re planning to give you the option to tailor what notifications you receive and when from iContract.

  • Hide/Deactivate profile – We understand that iContract might not be relevant to you at times in your career so we’re giving you the option to deactivate your profile, or hide it with a view to coming back in the near future.

Keep posted for these coming updates which are a priority for our development team. These are in response to user feedback so please let us know of your suggestions for improvement!

We’re also speaking to a number of angel investors for our next investment stage, if you are keen to find out about investment opportunities, drop us a line here.

Our recruiter and employer user base is growing each day so be sure to update your profile, find that dream contract and make it a match!