We’re not there just yet…but we will be!

28th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

The iContract team is always listening and constantly working to improve the platform for you!

A few days ago we shared our dream of what we wanted iContract to be and how it would improve contractors’ lives. Hopefully we excited you with iContract’s potential and how you can play a pivotal part.

That is our vision. Our reality however is still some way from this but we wanted to reassure you that though we are a small team, we are working hard towards bringing this vision to life.

The challenges of working in a start-up at the early stage iContract is at, are numerous in amount. Our team are wearing different hats and taking on different responsibilities. This can be tough but still very rewarding. We love the positive feedback we’ve received  and are grateful for your continued support and endorsement of iContract. But of course, we still understand some people’s experiences haven’t been great and we’re working on that.

We’re always listening to what you’ve got to say and your feedback is vital to iContract’s continued development. But of course be patient as we deal with a host of other daily challenges.

But we will get there, and most importantly, we’ll get there together. We will continue to educate people about iContract and look at how we can enhance people’s iContract experience.

Stay with us on our exciting journey and remember we’re always keen to hear from you.


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