We ❤️ contractors!

13th February 2018

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Chris from iContract

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love! And what love can we celebrate here at iContract – the love for contractors of course! There are many reasons to love contractors or simply love contracting as a way of work, and here’s just a few…

Need a specific skill-set quickly?

Recruitment and the art of hiring is not quite as simple as it used to be. The complexities and niche details of some work projects combined with the short term or almost immediate demand for them has paved the way for contractors to emerge. Their flexibility and the admin burden they don’t carry with them like a full-time employee (Benefits, Training, N.I, Pensions set-up, etc) – make them a desirable and cost-effective solution for recruiters or employers trying to fill that gap in with immediate effect.

You can grow with them

Need someone but can’t afford to commit to an employee for five days a week? Whatever your project budget (perhaps you’re a start-up) for instance – the flexibility contractors offer means they can grow with the progress of your project. If your budget only stretches to 2 days a week, you’ll easily find a contractor happy to commit to those working terms. Don’t forget, technology allows many contractors to work remotely and you can still collaborate closely with them – saving you on shelling out on office rental space in the infancy of your project.

Your work, your time

Ask a number of full-time employees, and their general feeling about their current work situation is they’re overworked and underpaid. With your commitment to your company full time, you might find yourself too committed and having to work longer hours and only enjoy the standard and set time for holidays – which is never enough!

As a contractor, you are in control more and are paid for the days and hours you put in. This control has led to contractors seeing an improvement in their work-life balance with them able to choose their hours more flexibly and enjoy holiday time when they want, and not adhere to the status quo.

It’s the future!

The self-employed world is booming and more people are leaving the mundane 9 to 5 and embarking on exciting new careers as contractors. The diversity contracting offers in its projects makes it a more progressive career route than the once desirable 20 year corporate climb.

More workers are starting to love contracting and embracing the freedom and control it gives you and it’s no surprise that by 2020, 50% of the UK workforce is predicted to be self-employed!

With iContract’s contractor community growing and recently soaring past the 4,000 mark, contracting is an exciting work movement that is arguably the future of work!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the iContract team!

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