Tomorrow’s Talent Manager

6th September 2018

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Where the future of the modern worker looks an exciting one brimming with amazing opportunity, what then about the future of tomorrow’s employer?

An ongoing scary story that continues to do the rounds is the lingering threat of technology and its ability to wipe out the talent manager in one fell swoop. Quite the contrary, technology is empowering the employers of tomorrow and we are seeing the hiring tech space blossom and evolve as it strikes the right balance between automation and human engagement.

With job posters still occassionaly relying on cold calls and e-mails, or for the candidate to come to them from the many job ads posted – hirers are yearning for more streamlined and refined sourcing methods that are reliable, time effective, and accurate. These sought after resources will allow for better candidate management and improved candidate-employer relations. Employers will have more time to nurture candidates with enhanced candidate search tools. Accurately pin-pointing the relevant candidate that ticks every required box (availability, rate, location, primary skill-set) will be achievable in mere seconds, freeing up an employer’s valuable time to expand their offering.

Who knows? With the growing trend for flexible working amongst employees – we may even see talent managers hire straight from the beach! The power of technology, and its growing potential means a hiring manager could advertise, search, approach, interview, offer and tie up a new hire within the space of a few hours, all via a handset from the comfort of their sun lounger. One can only dream!