Things to be thankful about as a contractor

23rd November 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

It’s been a long and busy year for contractors with highs and lows naturally, and whatever is round the corner in 2018, there’s plenty to be thankful about as a contractor right now when we look back at the past few months, and more importantly towards the future.

So what can contractors be thankful about right now?

No IR35 reforms…yet

With yesterday’s budget dominating the headlines, contractors had a great interest in what was to be announced in the budget, and how it might affect their livelihood. Many contractors and commentators in the contracting field, believed IR35 reforms into the public sector would be imminent what with the recent changes to IR35 in the public sector.

Contractors welcomed the news that any reform into the private sector would not be immediate with the announcement there would be a consultation over IR35 in 2018. With the public sector IR35 reforms garnering negative opinions so far, private sector contractors are keen to voice their feelings in this consultation period to ensure these same reforms do not spill into the private sector, or at least, are not counter-productive to the self-employed community.

Invesment in the tech future

The Chancellor’s budget speech was full of optimism about the future of Britain and how its blossoming tech scene is vital to the country’s growth, and in the uncertain times of Brexit, the UK needs to show strong commitment to this industry. This was reflected in his commitment to investment in a range of tech initiatives such as AI, 5G and full fibre broadband, plus further investment in the tech start-up scene, and ensuring our future workforce is capable of helping the UK prosper on a global scale with a commitment to tech education and tech training.

With tech such a big industry for the contractor community, this was encouraging news to hear and will keep contractor demand strong.

Christmas holidays are nearly here

Many of you may be starting to feel weary from your working exploits as a contractor this year. The prospect of the Christmas break will come as much wanted for many working as a contractor. As well as spending precious and quality time with your loved ones, the Christmas holidays are a time to reflect on your year of work and recharge for what lies ahead for 2018.

Contractor demand has been high

It’s never been a better time for contractors either current or prospective, with contractor demand for employers recorded at high levels, particularly in the summer months. August in particular was strangely a great month for contractors in the IT sector, with contractor demand hitting a record high for the year 2017. Contractors can be hugely thankful for being in such high demand, and we certainly expect this trend to continue.

More contractor communities emerging

One thing contractors have always felt they’ve missed out on because of their work habits is a community that they feel part of. Thanks to the online world, more communities for contractors both online and offline have emerged this year that are created to cater for a number of contractor’s needs.

With iContract launching live this summer, we’ve seen our contractor community grow in huge numbers with the platform nearing 3,000 registered contractors.

Happy Thanksgiving to all contractors! If you haven’t already, be sure to register with iContract for free at With a Contractor community of nearly 3,000, over 500 recruiters and employers, with over 1,000 jobs posted so far since its live launch this year, there’s plenty to be thankful about!