Things to be excited about as a contractor!

12th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

A few weeks ago we looked at what the year so far had been like for contractors. In conclusion, it was a bit of a mixed bag with there being a lot of uncertainty surrounding the market and big industry changes in IR35 and the release of The Taylor Report. There were positives however, with Brexit showing a demand in contract hire in some cases.

We wanted to emphasise this positivity and tell contractors what they can be excited about and can look forward to!

It’s September!

September can be regarded as the month in which order is resumed. People return from their lengthy summer breaks, kids go back to school and the majority of the UK workforce go back to their work ing lives. It’s largely considered a time where momentum builds again and people are getting stuck in work-wise and getting back intto the swing of things, investing all their energies into their work in the run up to the next big holiday season, Christmas. This also means decision makers are back to work and hiring is on their agenda again. After a summer lull, contractors will start to see things pick up again with more opportunities emerging and decisions being made far quicker. If you’ve been quiet recently with contract work, September is the month you should be prepared for!

Employer Confidence Growing

Looking back on the knee-jerk reactions to Brexit a year ago, fast forward to now and things have started to calm down. Undoubtedly a sense of uncertainty still remains, but confidence from employers is steadily growing and certain regional areas are experiencing a significant improvement in hiring demand. This all makes for encouraging news when looking at contractor hire and as confidence grows, so will available contracts to apply for.

Are we at the start of a golden age?

Brexit as we’ve mentioned has caused uncertainty and a great deal of people still are unaware of what the UK’s situation will be come March 2019. After the initial result, there was a reported spike in contractor hire with many companies seeking caution over optimism and thus opting for shorter-term hiring solutions as opposed to risky full time commitments. This boom has continued steadily with companies preparing for what Brexit might bring and adapting to the still largely unknown situation the UK will find itself in 18 months. Where IT contractors experienced a boom in the run up to the Millenium Bug, Brexit poses a different kind of situation. How long will companies have to deal with Brexit? Could they still be adapting to the changes long after the U.K has officially left? With August experiencing an unexpectedly high demand for IT contractors, could this be the start of a lengthy Golden Age for contracting?

The hiring world is evolving

The world of hiring and recruitment has been an industry ripe for disruption and we have witnessed that with the many platforms now available to both the candidate and job poster that makes their lives easier and makes the task of finding a job a seamless process.

Part of that evolvement has been iContract, a new platform giving contractors the tools to help them find contracts that are personally tailored to them and match their unique needs and preferences as contractors. Also giving recruiters and hiring managers the means to accurately find candidates that are relevant to the jobs they are posting more efficiently, iContract is a platform that continues to evolve with new offerings to the contractor market that will hugely benefit both contractor and recruiter side.

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