The rise of the profile led platform

9th July 2017

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Technology has advanced all aspects of our lives; made things faster and as a result reduced our patience and attention spans to an extremely small scale. In recruitment, online has certainly been a game changer in the way candidates apply for positions, and how recruiters and hiring managers advertise positions and search for candidates.

Also thanks to technology, it’s been regularly noted how much of a reversal of power there has been between the candidate and recruiter. The rise in tech start-ups, SMEs and FinTech companies has created a huge demand for a specific type of talent, making these specific candidates a valuable commodity and resource.

Taking this into account, is the way candidates are applying for jobs drastically changing to a point where items such as the CV and cover letter are becoming a thing of the past? We’re now seeing a bigger trend for more profile-led platforms that encapsulate the whole candidate persona and render the need for a CV as redundant. With these profile led platforms, a modern candidate whose time is precious and wont have the patience to upload additional documents, or fill in arduous forms – are embracing job applications that can be done with the click of a button, and on the go.

Due to the fast paced nature of hiring and the demand to fill in certain roles, new assessment methods have had to be introduced. Looking at the tech world in particular, skills and knowledge are two important things that recruiters take in to account over any generic hyperbole that could be written on a cover letter. Hence why we are seeing many of these profile led platforms have a huge emphasis on skills.

We have to look at the recruitment experience from both sides; recruiters want a seamless method of candidate assessment that is not complicated but is most importantly fast and efficient. Candidates also require this simplicity, as like recruiters they to haven’t the time or patience to deal with difficult and clunky application processes.

With iContract’s skill based algorithm and profile focus, the platform provides an effective place for Contractors to advocate their services to recruiters, and for recruiters, a simpler and effective tool to viewing candidates and assessing them. 

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