The results are in…

7th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Good Morning contractors! Thank you to those who have shared their feedback in our recent iContract survey. Here’s just a snippet of the feedback we’ve received both good and bad, and furthermore, how the iContract team is addressing any issues raised. What’s good…

  • iContract serves its purpose well of connecting contractors with recruiters and helping contractors find contracts
  • You’re excited about future features like the Mobile App and Rating System
  • You’re enthusiastic about future offline events we have planned
  • You like the design, style and branding of the platform

What could be improved…

  • Some of you haven’t had luck with suitable contract recommendations
  • There could be more contracts to apply for
  • You’d like more direct hiring managers to use the platform
  • You’d like to see more sectors

What we’re doing in response to this…

  • We’re constantly improving the algorithm
  • We’re educating job posters on the platform, particularly the importance of adding Skills to contracts
  • We’re reaching out to more direct hiring managers and we’ve recently seen a few consultancies register for the platform and start to post jobs
  • We will be looking at expanding beyond our three sectors in the near future so keep posted

Thank you again for your valuable feedback which is extremely important in helping us improve iContract and making it the best platform possible for contractors. We are listening but do bear with us and understand that it can take time to get things right.

To hear more about the future of iContract, be sure to listen to our recently recorded Podcast with iContract CEO Amanda Cai. And there is still time of course to leave your feedback on the iContract survey and be in with a chance to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Thanks again and see you all soon!

The iContract Team