The perfect way to your passion

23rd November 2016

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It’s no secret that the corporate life is not for everyone. Scorecards, reviews, formal 1-2-1’s with a manager you probably do not like and want to take the place of…. it’s a difficult, toe the line environment, whilst you plot your way through the management layers to eventually running it. If only it was that simple.

As a contractor, you run your show from day one. More, contracting can provide the perfect lifestyle to beginning your passion project / great business idea / next Facebook (circle as necessary).

A leading reason for people getting stuck in the corporate rut is its safety. Permanent employee of a large corporation has it safety, but is it really what we want to do? I doubt it. 

Contracting can help provide an income (safety) whilst leaving suitable time to work and deliver on whichever sector you are actually interested in. Be it fashion to ice cream, there’s a reason we do not dive straight into a new business full time, the lack of income, lack of certainty of it working, potential of it being a waste of time…. all reasonable concerns that I’m sure the best entrepreneurs of our time shared at one point or another, especially in those very early stages. Being able to provide yourself with a steady, probably reduced, but still steady income, during the early rounds of the new business fight, could alleviate those concerns and allow you to explore the interest and development of a business which you had previously thought would not be possible. 

Now being able to organise a business around work commitments of another business is always going to be difficult and require work, but developing what business doesn’t? And whilst you’re a contractor you are surrounded by a great group of probably like-minded individuals who would most likely be very interested in helping and partnering on whatever project you/they want to embark on. Our community screams at collaboration, and our lifestyle makes it more achievable.

It’s how we started iContract. A few like-minded contractors keen to see if we could improve the way contractors are recruited, and provide those new to the industry (and even those slightly more seasoned) with a chance to more efficiently manage their business, time and income. 

Previously in the recruitment sector, I felt as safe as one can in an agency which had a decent set of clients, and a good cash flow. Was it what I wanted to do, to work for someone for my career? I had and have larger aspirations. A good job it was, a job all it was. The opportunity of contracting came about, and I’ve relished every opportunity it has brought. None more so than having the time to be involved in a tech company focussed on two sectors I know about – recruitment and financial services contracting (we do Law and I.T also). 

Our team at iContract are an example of the possibilities open to you when you do contract. And iContract is a tool open to you to help realise those possibilities. 

We launch soon, come and join us.