The importance of employee engagement

20th March 2017

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In the past, there were certain organisations that would rely on their reputation alone as a way of attracting potential employees to join their ranks. Would-be employees would have top 5 target lists of companies they wanted to work for one day, and with these aspirations in mind they would bend over backwards just to get a foot in the door. It was clear that with some companies receiving such high demand, they could be the ones in control and the one who set the terms.

Fast forward today and there has clearly been a huge reversal of power and influence. The rise in start-ups, the case for flexible working, the demand for tech talent, and the increase in self-employed have all been determining factors in the way organisations advertise their opportunities and themselves as brands to the job applying public.

With an industry as tech, for example, being in such high demand for unique and top talent, workers in this field have played this in their favour. With them being the most sought after now in the employer-employee relationship, it is now the employer who must pull out all the stops to ensure they get the employee to come work for them. Perks such as creative autonomy, flexible work schedule, and remote working are just some of the terms that employers are having to grant in order to appease their workforce. With that, we are now entering a time where the workforce of certain industries can afford to be picky in the projects they choose. Why take on a role that doesn’t allow the level of flexibility you’re after in the knowledge there is another company waiting in the wings to snap your talents up?

It’s no wonder then that more companies are utilising the influence of their employees to advocate the benefits of working for them. Employees are a new method of companies advertising their hire opportunities. They want the best talent and to achieve this they need to be seen as a desirable place to work. Therefore they are recognising positive employee experiences and engagement with the company as the best way to carry this message across.

Companies who want the best talent will use their employees as positive case studies, to promote the benefits of flexible working more publicly and show their company as a fun place of work through their workforce.

Employees are being recognised more as a valuable resource and their happiness is seen as imperative towards the continued success of an organisation.

Expect more employees to champion work benefits like flexible working on behalf of their companies in an effort to drive employee engagement, whilst taking more control of their working life.

We’ve witnessed this monumental shift in contracting where thousands of contractors are reaping the benefits of the contracting lifestyle; flexible working, improved work-life balance and projects that challenge and inspire them.

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