The importance of a community for contractors

20th July 2017

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Working as a contractor, it’s commonly perceived as a lonely profession. As a contractor, you are of course working for yourself and have been hired to deliver a piece of work or a project for an employer. No involving yourself in the office politics of a work place or making any contribution to the way things are run within your place of work or any general long term contributions – you are hired to come in and just do the work you’re tasked within the allotted length of your contract.

With this, it’s understandable that contractors can feel detached from their employers and might seek out their own communities to be a part of. Now with the onset of online, we’re seeing a surge in contractor based communities. Communities are vitally important to contractors and here’s why;

Advice, Tips and Support

Working as a contractor isn’t something you can just jump into. There’s a lot of administrative burden you must deal with before you even start promoting your services and tackle your first contract. This can all be quite daunting, particularly for someone starting out in the business. An active community in which you can reach out to fellow contractors about advice on contractor mortgages, pensions, and accountancy, as well as read opinion on the latest developments within your industry on things such as IR35, is something extremely valuable to contractors and will help them progress within their industry.


One of the biggest challenges contractors encounter is finding a go to place to for their next contract. By being actively involved in an engaging community with fellow contractors and even job posters – contractors can be recommended for new positions through word of mouth, or generally being the first to know about it through their membership to a community.


We were all told about the importance of a contacts book when growing up and how having one can help advance your career. Where this might seem a tad dated now, we’ve seen these be replaced and brought online into active communities based on shared knowledge, interests and objectives. These online communities are now the norm and one of the most important networking tools and most effective ways of keeping in the know and staying ahead of the latest news and developments in your industries. Ditch the little black book, and join the community!


When we said contracting can be a lonely business, we meant it. Working as a contractor, you may miss out on social things that occur in an everyday work place like meet-ups, after-work drinks and even Christmas office parties. Though some may not be fazed by this idea, it is important to develop some social relationships with your work peers as we all need that balance in life. Hence why we are seeing more communities of contractors come together socially over a shared interest of life as a contractor. Here at iContract, we’ve already hosted a number of offline meet-ups at Kua’Aina Burger grill in London, where a number of our iHeroes have come together over a burger to talk all things contracting.

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