The importance of a break this summer

2nd July 2017

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We experienced the summer solstice just under two weeks ago, and this day marked not only the longest day of the calendar year but also the official start of summer. With the school summer holidays fast approaching, it will be a busy time for UK holiday goers as they go off in search of warmer climates.

A break this summer, whether it’s just a week or a couple of weeks, is extremely important for working professionals. Here’s some key reasons why.

Come back recharged

You may be coming to the end of your current contract or finishing the last of a series of contracts this past year, and working extremely hard. However rewarding the work may be financially and of course to your career and lifestyle, your body will soon show signs that you’re in need of a recharge. Taking a long break where you can get some relaxation time will help you recharge your batteries and get you fighting fit and ready to take on your contract, and get you through the rest of the year.

Boost your health

Heading to warmer climates will positively benefit your health as sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D which helps you maintain healthy bones and keeps you energised. You don’t want to run yourself into the ground through work so be sure to take advantage of a sunny break with warm temperatures.

You may also be a bit of an adrenaline junkie whilst on your holidays. Exercise is a great way to boost your health and keeps you active so try do fun holiday activities like jet skiing or surfing.

Get perspective

Any break you have will hopefully be spent with your loved ones. Taking some deserved time out with them will help you appreciate the beautiful things in life that are most important. Stop, take in your surroundings and savour the moment.

Get creative

Being able to unplug from your work and take a break will do wonders for your creativity. Start reading more, listen to that album from start to finish, keep a travel journal, take pictures; whatever it is that connects with you, do it and you’ll find yourself returning to work buzzing with enthusiasm.

The financial rewards and the flexibility contractors can get from their contractors, means they can take advantage of the forthcoming holidays and enjoy lengthy breaks that will prepare them for their return to work.

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