The ideal workplace

25th April 2017

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As a contractor, whether working occasionally at home or in the office, your work environment and surroundings can be vitally important to your productivity and motivation. We all like to work in different ways, but in order to get the most from your working day there are a few general rules of thumb to follow when thinking of your work space.

Keep it clutter free

A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind. It’s well know that the state of your work station can easily mirror the way you work. Having a messy, cluttered and disorganised desk can lead to bad working practise and poor organisation.

A minimalist approach to any environment, be it your home or work space can help you approach things with a clearer mind and ensure you tackle tasks with more direction and conviction.

Distraction free

It’s extremely easy to get distracted during your day of work and see not much ticked off your to-do list by the end of the working day. With social media and constant access to technology, the modern workplace is littered full of distractions. Everyone should have some willpower in them to avoid these types of distractions to a certain extent, but then there are of course those distractions you just might not be able to avoid.

Whether it’s loud music, a chatty neighbour or co-worker, noisy builders outside, or busy traffic from outside – these are natural distractions you’ll have to think about when considering your work space.

For a productive and distraction free day, ensure your work space is in an area that you are certain you won’t get distracted in and pays particular thought to avoiding these typical distractions mentioned.

Get comfortable

We spend a great deal of time at work, perhaps even the majority of our lives there. Spending this much time working, it’s important we’re doing so in a comfortable working environment.

There are many ways to define what makes a comfortable working environment, but it is only you who can determine what working conditions you feel most comfortable in.

It could be anything as broad and general as the the temperature of your work place, or even the chair you sit in, whatever it is, ensure your work space is comfortable and how you like it so you can be productive and most importantly enjoy your work.

Windows are the eyes into the outside world

During your day of work, it’s easy to feel slightly trapped. With a constant workload that allows you only half an hour outside to grab some lunch, you can begin to feel drained and uninspired and your overall productivity will dwindle after some time.

In any work space, it’s ideal to be near windows to allow natural light in and for outdoor surroundings to be easily view-able. This will stop you becoming too attached to your work place and offer some escapism outside the four walls of your office. Seeing the outside world from your office should actually give you a little incentive to work more productively. You’ll ideally set yourself a working goal to allow yourself five minutes to take a little outdoor break and get some fresh air.

In any work environment, it’s important not to become disconnected from your natural outdoor surroundings.

Get inspired

Immersing yourself in dull and boring surroundings can only have a detrimental effect on your overall productivity. In any workplace environment, inspiration is extremely important and will be what drives you forward.

Different people are all inspired in different ways. Have a think about what inspires you as a person and try to adapt that to where you work. It could be a motivational quote plastered on a wall, art that sets your working mood, or maybe a library of books that you can occasionally dip into to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever it is, be sure to embrace it!

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