The Future of Work : what is the vision?

29th August 2018

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The goal or purpose of work has evolved with time. From acting as a means for providing and putting food on the table, it’s now gone far beyond the confined parameters of the 9 to 5 and expanded into new, exciting territories with endless possibilities.

Why we work, when we work and how we work has all dramatically changed. Where there were common and ongoing industries that produced staple jobs – these industries have been disrupted and enhanced and this, in turn, has created new roles, and importantly, new industries.

Fears over automation’s replacement of human roles have been displaced by the digital revolution empowering individuals and organisations with new tools that have given new meaning to why we work. Where the tech world has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, this has given many the power of choice. The choice to create and the freedom to work when we want and how we want.

Technology has connected us to a world of resource and eliminated physical borders that were once barriers to us achieving our dreams. Opportunity is vast not just in employment, but in learning as well. We have the ability to forge our own paths rather than follow the status quo that society demands of us at times. Digital is breaking convention and tearing up the rule book of modern work. The case of flexible working will grow stronger, more start-ups will emerge with remote creators collaborating globally, which ultimately lead to the demise of 9 to 5 and corporate ladder climbing.

Work to live has never been more current today. Rather than be slaves to the machine, modern workers are choosing freedom and life. A world where one morning on the beaches of Brazil, your average freelancer picks up a phone to scan the latest projects – then applies…is later assessed…and lands a role all within the space of a few hours – and is soon back on the beach riding the waves and ultimately enjoying this newly discovered positive work-life balance.

That is the dream, the reality is not far away.

The world of work is changing and in an exciting way! 

Be part of this exciting movement, and join an expanding community of people that are demonstrating that work can be done anywhere!

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