The future of work in the UK

13th June 2017

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2017 already presents us with an exciting time work wise; the rise of the gig economy and the on-demand talent economy, plus the growing popularity of contracting has made the employment landscape for the UK an exciting thing to be part of. With it predicted that by 2020, 50% of the UK workforce will be self-employed, what else does the future hold for work in the UK?

Start Me Up!

The UK, not just London, is birthing new start-ups each day. It is an exciting time to be part of the start-up scene and no doubt we can expect the number of start-ups to grow as technology advances further at an electrifying pace. More people are launching their ideas and turning them into reality. The start-up world presents constant opportunity and excitement. With no day ever the same, people are relishing the challenges that the world of start-ups represent and the potential it holds for their own personal development.

Will 9 to 5 be a thing of the past?

More and more, we are seeing workers shrug off the 9 to 5 and embrace new career paths. For today’s candidate, the corporate ladder holds no interest to them any more. They want to explore new ways of working and want to create their own journey rather than follow what society deems to be the status quo. Full-time work holds no joy or benefit to them anymore and soon we could be seeing the 9 to 5 become a forgotten thing.

More balance and control

We’ve all heard those complaints..over worked and underpaid, being married to your job, or your job is taking over and keeping you from the important things in your life. Now, living in an era of increased work flexibility, people are gaining more control back in their working lives and reaping the benefits of a positive work-life balance. Expect this trend to continue as we see more people make the important decision to take back control of their work-life and achieve that balance we all crave, be it through remote working, taking the decision to go freelance or self-employed as a contractor.

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