The evolvement of hiring processes

8th May 2017

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The way we work is constantly changing and with this we’ve also seen the ways candidates apply for positions, plus the ways their skill, experience and profile are assessed, change as well. Where traditionally a candidate twenty years ago would have just applied for a job through a CV and cover letter, and then be interviewed once or twice after, recruiters today have transformed these processes with there now no industry set standard for how companies review prospective employees.

Thanks to the rapid progression of technology plus the changing personality of modern candidates, recruiters have had to embrace these changes and create new hiring methods that are relevant to their industry and the job in question.

Here are just a few way recruiters are thinking out of the box and creating new ways to assess job applicants for their advertised posts.


There are many factors that have contributed to the use of video in recruitment. The most obvious being that it’s become a technology that has been easy to use and therefore offers the next best solution to a face to face interview. Its use has also been due to the prospect of a post attracting international employees or the post allowing for remote work (possibly internationally as well), so a video interview should be suffice to assess a candidate’s personality after a quick view of their CV. A cost effective solution to interviewing candidates that removes borders, interviewing by video also gives more flexibility to a candidate as they my be committed to another job and may not be able to take the time off to meet you in person, but might be able to speak on their lunch hour via video conferencing.


Gamification is beginning to be a hot topic of discussion for recruiters. With hiring managers keen to extract more information and insight into a person’s mind and other than what’s on a piece of paper, they have begun to leverage the influence of gaming to delve more deeper into their candidates. How a candidate interacts with a game can reflect a lot about them; how quickly they can problem solve, how their emotions react to stress and pressure, or even how competitive they are as an individual. These are traits that are difficult to get out of a candidate when talking to them one to one so with this, many recruiters are looking to embrace gaming as a way of further candidate assessment.


But hold on a minute, isn’t the interview process itself seen as a pitch process where you’re selling yourself to prospective employers? This is very true, but dependant on what position a candidate will be applying for, it may require a different type of pitch. A look through a candidate’s skill and experience on their CV may speak for itself, but sometimes employers will be looking for something slightly more real life that can’t be seen or experienced in a one on one interview. The old saying of “talk the talk, now walk the walk” couldn’t be more true in this respect and hiring managers will ask prospective employers to perform a pitch style exercise that can demonstrate they can carry out an important aspect of the job in question, but in a real life situation.

Creative Pitch

Most job applications will include not just a CV and covering letter, but also a portfolio of work. For some industries, this portfolio may even count as a CV. However any potential position is all about what you’ll deliver in the present and future, and not the past. Be it a design exercise or copy-writing task, employers asking candidates to pitch something creative to them will unearth a few more things about their profile as a candidate such as how their mind tackles a brief and what standard of work they can produce in certain circumstances like time restraints.

Today’s recruiters and hiring managers are always looking to adopt new ways of assessing candidate information that can distinguish the competition between applicants. There are many trusted and familiar methods recruiters can use to further assess candidates as well as new and engaging ones that are being discovered with technological advancement moving at such a fast pace. However, it’s important to remember that though your job position may be popular with applicants, it’s vital you ensure that any candidate’s experience of the recruitment process is simple and seamless and is not going to deter a candidate from following up their application. Today’s candidates know they are an in demand resource but won’t always have the patience to endure long winded applications.

What other methods are recruiters using to assess today’s candidates?

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