The challenges of today’s recruiters

13th March 2017

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A recruiter today can be a misunderstood occupation. With some regarding it as a simple practise of putting round pegs into round holes or simply referring your candidates to your clients and letting them do the rest, this is an unreliable assessment of the life of a recruiter.

Like in any industry, recruiters are having to wear a number of different hats and demonstrate their adaptability and flexibility to changing circumstances. Given the competitiveness and fast paced demand of recruitment, recruiters are looking to connect with the right tools to keep them in tune with this demand and ultimately make their working lives easier and more efficient.

So what are some of the modern recruiter’s everyday challenges they have to deal with?

The Phone and the E-Mail

Two of the most traditional points of communication for recruitment. If recruiters aren’t receiving numerous calls and e-mails throughout the day from clients and candidates, they are making just as many calls and blasting out constant e-mails that are dealing with the many facets of their business. Recruiters are known to have to effectively plan their day and arrange blocked time slots where they can focus their efforts solely on making calls that require more attention and pro-activeness.

Talking about a candidate’s experience and skill set, and finding out about their availability and day rate, is just a small taste of what features in a normal five minute conversation over the phone between a recruiter and a candidate. Now think about this conversation happening 25-30 times a day for a recruiter. What if there was a way to help reduce this burden and free up a recruiter’s time so as to help them refocus their efforts on other important duties?

So many roles, so many platforms

The adoption of social networks such as Twitter for professional use, and the creation of social-professional networks the likes of LinkedIn, has helped expand a recruiter’s network and allowed them to use a previously untapped resource for connecting with candidates.

But has this helped or hindered their quest to fill a role effectively for a client? Posting opportunities to numerous social platforms opens their network to a barrage of enquiries and the process to filter down these many requests is no doubt time consuming.

With so many different roles advertised on different platforms, how can a recruiter keep track of the many applicants putting their name in the pot?Recruiters would prefer not to have their points of contact so thinly spread and adopt a more singular approach to managing incoming applicants.

Plenty of minnows, not enough giants

Another downside of the ‘one job for many platforms’ is the amount of poor candidates you might connect with who see an opportunity posted on a public network.

A big challenge in general for recruiters today is finding high quality candidates that blow other candidates out of the water. To find just that one candidate who can bring something new and exciting to a recruiter’s roster, takes hours of searching and screening. With your public job posting opening you up to more unsuitable candidates, or to be blunt, time wasters; you can waste hours of valuable time, with your candidate search akin to finding a needle in a haystack. 

Any solution that helped recruiters connect with high quality and relevant candidates in a simple and time effective way would be highly sought after.

New Business

Recruiters aren’t just the facilitators in the hiring set up. Their job role has expanded into winning new business, be it through actively promoting themselves in their everyday duties, or introducing prospective clients to new talent they have at their disposal though good old fashioned cold calling.

Taking into account the previous point about candidate quality, it’s hugely important for recruiters to have first rate candidates on their books. Candidates are a recruiter’s weapon of choice you could say for selling to clients. And no stand out candidate means no new business.

A recruiter that has the tools to deliver high calibre candidates on demand will be a desirable choice for a client with specific hiring needs.

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