The benefits and challenges of working in a start-up

27th June 2017

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Last week we met our intern from the U.S, Teddy, this week we speak to iContract’s Marketing Manager Chris Henry. Chris has been responsible for all our communications in the lead-up to our BETA launch and eventual public launch. The last few weeks, Chris has been involving himself in other duties, helping the iContract team get ready for the BETA launch.

I’ve been working at iContract since mid-February and the experience so far has been great. Working in a start-up environment is something I enjoy immensely because of the scope it allows you for development in your professional life and the freedom it offers; nothing is set in stone and every member of the team is encouraged to put forward their ideas and opinions in a collaborative manner, which I love!

I’ve been handling the public communications of iContract, including managing the company blog. These last few weeks though I’ve seen my role widen and I’ve taken on more responsibilities than what your traditional Marketing Manager would normally do. Other people may be uncomfortable at the thought of this and would prefer to stay within the confines of their own job description, I however embrace this approach. I think the one way to learn in work is to just do it and being given responsibility and just getting on with it is a great way to develop in the world of work. The last few months I’ve accrued a vast amount of experience and new skills thanks to the start-up environment I’m in.

Working in a start-up is challenging though, the reason you have to take on many hats is because at any early stage of a start-up, your team is naturally going to be smaller and you can’t always have one person dedicated to a specific responsibility and everyone has to chip in. I think working at this early stage is always the most exciting and rewarding time to be working. You get to see an idea grow into something tangible and start to see people engage with it and watch your start-up grow day by day. And of course as I mentioned, you’ll learn more than starting out somewhere at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

These past few weeks I’ve been involved with my normal marketing communications like the blog, newsletters and social media. But I’ve also been involved with testing the platform at different stages of its development, organising and participating in offline community meet-ups, collating our users’ feedback of the platform, talking direct to prospective users of our platform highlighting the benefits of using our platform, and a bit of light admin work here and there. All in all, a busy but fun few weeks!

I would strongly encourage anyone to get involved in a start-up at its early stage and be part of something exciting and that presents you with new challenges each day. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of iContract and can’t wait till our public launch, have you got your seat reserved?

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