Simple things you can do to set yourself up as a contractor

19th October 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Setting up as a contractor needn’t be as difficult as you think it to be. With 50% of the UK workforce expected to be self-employed by the year 2020, more people are ditching the 9 to 5 and taking control over their work lives and reaping the many benefits that come with working as a self-employed contractor.

Here’s just a few small and basic steps you can take that will get you on your way as a contractor…


As a contractor, you are going to be selling yourself as a service, and advocating to clients why you should be contracted to deliver work for them. It’s important then to focus on a specialism in your remit as a contractor. Many of today’s contract roles demand a particular skill and even a subset of that skill as well. Find what your niche is and be a master of that, as opposed to being a jack of all trades.

Your tool kit

Contracting can take you anywhere and can also present itself with opportunity anywhere you go. It pays then to be well equipped, and ensure you’re able to hit the ground running in any contract you take. Put together what you think you’ll need in your line of work; personal work laptop, notebook, business cards, stationary, work phone, dongle stick – the life of a contractor is busy and you need to be prepared for all occassions.

Your offering, pitch and services

People who hire don’t always have the time to treat your application with a great attention to detail. They want to get to the crux of any application quickly and don’t want to read applications that are long winded and hyperbolous. Anywhere that you are advertising your services, you’ll need to ensure your offering is clear and concise with your core services and skills demonstrated clearly and effectively. A recruiter or hiring manager hiring a contractor wants to know that you can do a job with immediate effect and doesn’t need to know any of the frilly extra details of your profile. Make sure then your pitch is effective and to the point!

An iContract profile

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