Sharing the iContract vision with clients

4th October 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

In a return to our ‘Meet the Team’ blog series, we speak to iContract’s Business Development Manager Collin Nunn, who talks about his work at iContract and the daily challenges he faces working in a start-up environment.

In my life, I’ve worked in a number of business development and sales focused roles that have covered different industries and demanded varying skill-sets and approaches to the way I carry out my work. Having worked at iContract since the start of summer, working in an early stage start-up has had its challenges but I’ve also found it interesting and quite liberating.

With any start-up, you’re working with an idea or a concept and of course that comes with its own unique selling point. And where you’re working in that initial start-up stage, you’re working with something that hasn’t been fully realised 100% yet. Essentially then, you’re product is a vision and that’s how you’ve got to think when speaking to potential clients. Some people may think this is difficult, but it gives you great scope to be creative and also invoke a lot of passion when telling the iContract story.

With our goal of being an all-encompassing streamlined solution to hiring contractors, I’ve felt the enthusiasm from clients when speaking to them that this is a product they want to be part of and get behind.

That is the future, and this now of course is the present and reality. One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in my role is acting almost like an account or technical support manager for clients. With the expected technical hiccups you encounter along the way at this stage of a start-up, you have to communicate this to users and stress the need for patience, whilst at the same time keeping them engaged and using the platform. With our contractor community growing steadily, we can’t always expect the platform to do exactly what it says on the tin with immediate effect for recruiters and hiring managers. Clients are of course understanding of this, but the fact that they have their own work objectives to achieve so can’t always allow time to advocate our platform, creates more challenges in my roles. Added to this the amount of accounts, both current and prospective, that I have to juggle and ensure they’re all getting my equal attention is another tricky obstacle to overcome.

Educating clients about iContract is the big task and showing them the inner workings of the platform and getting them to embrace those features is a huge challenge. You did however get those few clients who are really passionate about what iContract does and where it’s heading that makes what I do worthwhile and for that, I love being part of iContract’s continuing journey.