Returning to work: getting back into the swing of things

10th August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Ok, don’t get mad at us! We know summer’s not over but the autumn months will without a doubt be here sooner than you think! This will be the time thousands come back from their holidays and prepare themselves for the coming months until the next big holiday season, Christmas!

Going back to the reality of work can be a hard transition but here’s some useful tips to help you get back into the swing of it and get you motivated for what lies ahead!

Set yourself goals

When returning to work, you’ll want to hit the ground running and ensure your motivation levels are high so you don’t get off to a slow start. Think about things you’d like to achieve from now till up to Christmas. With a defined list of specific goals, you can easily track your progress in the workplace in relation to these and work progressively towards achieving them.

Keep yourself mentally and physically fit

These past summer weeks, you may have relaxed a bit too much and found yourself over indulging in certain things. Of course this should be encouraged on any summer break but just ensure you don’t carry this into your work life. Being fit and healthy is important in keeping yourself alert and productive in the work place. Doing a little bit of light exercise and getting back into a routine of healthy eating, combined with some light reading and intellectual exercise, will ensure you keep sluggishness at bay and you arrive back for work raring to go!

Get back into your routine

Putting your feet up during the summer, you’ll no doubt have taken advantage of those late lie-ins and well deserved to! With your imminent return back to work, you’ll have to start training yourself back into a rhythm again with sleep. Work out a routine that will slowly get you back into the swing of things so that first morning back to work won’t be such a dreaded thing!

Make the most of your last few days

This summer, you’ll certainly have enjoyed yourself, and maybe will have burnt off some steam whilst you’re at it! In the run up to your last few days before your return to work, make the most of these last few days. Put your feet up, relax and take it easy! Don’t over do it, see what last minute things you can do to relax, maybe a short UK weekend break away, or just some quality time spent with your family.

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