Recruitment building an app-etite for Mobile

10th January 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

We’re seeing society become more disconnected to human exchange. As the influence of technology heightens, barriers are becoming stripped away as our need for instant gratification in this time hungry world we inhibit makes us naturally yearn for more seamless ness.

Personalisation and online etiquette is being replaced by the addictive and relentless tapping of buttons by idle hands that are keen to leapfrog the niceties of one to one conversation and human interaction, and achieve their sole objective, without all the time wasting and frivolity that can come in the build-up.

And what is leveraging this movement to more friction less communications and interactions; the mobile app of course. We’ve become an app addicted nation, particularly ones that depend on a simple swipe or tap. Their effortlessness is becoming reflective of our attitude to daily things, and society is reacting this continual trend, and fuelling this instant appetite more with the constant creation of mobile apps.

This can be great news for recruiters. We’ve all seen the gradual reversal of influence between candidate and recruiter. With job demand currently outweighing candidate numbers and availability, making recruitment not only an industry ripe with opportunity, but saturated in competition – the ability to strip away obstacles and the numerous stages in the hiring process, will be an extremely welcome one for recruiters. Giving the candidates what they want and feeding into their almost passive behaviour can be a fruitful route for successful candidate acquisitions. Why ask the candidate to fill out a laborious cover letter when in the few seconds of a tap they can receive their application/profile/CV and be that one step closer to a successful placement, without the administrative burden that can come with it. Who says personalisation can’t exist as well – with apps enabling candidates and recruiters to chat, conversation can still be free and easy but to the point, and of benefit to the candidate’s current work situation.

We’re now looking into an exciting future of Tap or Swipe Here to Apply, as opposed to just apply.

iContract’s mobile app has been in development recently and is just one of the many exciting future features that will be released this year. Keep posted for further updates!

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