Posting an effective job advertisement

26th April 2017

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As a recruiter or hiring manager, whenever you post an opportunity, there are several worries you’ll undoubtedly have before posting it, this can include attracting too many candidates, perhaps not enough, or too many of the wrong type of candidate.

Posting an opportunity isn’t as simple as putting down a title, pay packet, hours and location, when creating an advertisement it requires great thought and care to ensure you will get the best possible response.

Here are some tips to create an effective contract advertisement that will attract the right type of candidate.

Be clear

When advertising your opportunity, it’s important that you are correctly advertising it and not misleading any potential candidates.

Ensure the job title is appropriate and makes clear sense to a prospective applicant. That goes the same for job descriptions. Keep it detailed so people have got a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities will be and that there’s transparency from the beginning. But it pays to keep things simple so don’t over-complicate things too much as you may lose applicants at the first hurdle.

Be specific on skills

Attracting candidates initially to your advertised role is a filtering process and you’ll want only the best candidates to apply for it. To guarantee interest from top rate candidates and deter lesser candidates, any position you advertise will have to be clear on what specific skills and experience are required for the role.

Filtering candidates is difficult enough as it is and you won’t want to waste your time dealing with candidate applications that are way off the standards you require to fill your role. So be sure that your position clearly defines the level of skill and experience you’re looking for in this role.

Include all the important details

Again, it pays to be transparent and open about important details such as pay, location, and hours, as it will ensure you only receive applications from serious candidates. Being vague in these important details will not help long term. For instance, a project may be listed as being located in South East London. Where in South East London though? A candidate may apply for a role thinking it’s somewhere commutable but will soon be put off later on in the stage when they discover the exact location is somewhere not ideal for them to travel to.

If you want a candidate to go all the way in the application process, they’ll need to know they’re on the same page as what the recruiter or hiring manager wants out of them and what offer is on the table.

Be positive! Sell them a vision!

Today’s modern candidates want to feel inspired when they look for job opportunities. Their job hunting behaviour, thanks to their in demand skill set, has become picky and any project they take on, they will want to see themselves challenged.

When writing your job advertisement, think about how you can excite potential candidates and make your place of work a highly desirable go to destination. Try to put yourself in their shoes, what would make you want to apply for your company? Showcase to your audience what an exciting role you have and what are the great benefits from working at your organisation

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