Podcast: Eduardo Rastelli on how to use social media to find contract work

12th July 2016

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Most people think they should keep their social media profile well hidden from their boss. But actually, using social media to strategically release information about yourself can enhance your professional profile.


iContract’s commercial director Eduardo Rastelli shares tips on how to use social media for professional networking.

As a contractor, the first step to making social media work for you is to figure out which platforms you should put your efforts into.


Eduardo confirms that Linkedin is still a very important networking tool for professionals, but it can be used as more than just an online CV. By sharing interesting news related to your industry and joining relevant groups, you can demonstrate to prospective employers that you are a somewhat of a thought leader.


The key is to finding the right content to share. Industry sites like the iContract blog, as well as news outlets, and other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are stacked full of shareable ideas. The key when reposting this content is to add your own spin, that hints at your personality and encourages further discussion.


You’ll get an indication as to whether you are sharing enough, too much or too little, based on the number of people who share or like your posts, and how many requests you receive to connect or join groups.  

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