Podcast: Co-founder Amanda Cai introduces iContract – What is it and how does it work for you?

4th July 2016

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iContract, the one-stop shop for professional contractors and recruiters, was born out of Amanda’s personal frustration with contracting.

When Amanda Cai began contracting five years ago, she found there was no dedicated platform for professionals to connect with recruiters and search for work.

So, along with her contracting comrades, co-founders Paul de Francisci and Eduardo Rastelli, she set the wheels in motion to create a solution: iContract

In the podcast below, Amanda explains how the platform works, how it will connect contractors and recruiters and make contractors’ lives more manageable.

The first thing people ask Amanda is what makes iContract different to Linkedin. She explains the most important difference is the candidates – almost every professional has a Linkedin profile, but iContract is purely for professional contractors and recruiters who specialise in contracting roles.  

iContract’s job search functionality is tailored to the nature of contracting, and matches candidates to roles based on their background including skills, contract rate, length and availability. Contractors can also ask former managers to verify the work experience displayed on their profile, which cuts out time recruiters spend reference checking.  

Unlike a static job board, iContract allows candidates track the status of their applications. Rather than sitting in the dark waiting for a response, they are informed when they have been shortlisted. Candidates and recruiters are also encouraged to connect and chat within the platform.  

Being a freelance contractor can be isolating, but iContract fosters a sense of community among contractors. It serves as a useful guide for contractors, recommending accountancy, tax and insurance experts and offering the latest industry advice.  

After years perfecting the concept and building the platform, Amanda is excited to be able to officially launch iContract at the end of September. Candidates and recruiters can pre-register now, to ensure they are ready to hire and be hired right away.

Listen to Amanda’s podcast now by clicking here. 

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