IR35 Workshop Evening: what happened?

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Last night’s IR35 workshop evening was a great success and thank you all for attending, and sorry to those who missed out this time round! Don’t worry there’ll be more IR35 focused events like this in the future, and not just in London!

We had a good turnout with a number of contractors eager to find out how potential IR35 changes might affect their status, and to find out more about what’s been happening at iContract.

iContract CEO Amanda Cai was joined by co-founder Ed Bardos, and they were pleased to update the audience that iContract had reached 3,000 registered contractors, along with 600 recruiter users, and over 1,300 jobs posted since the platform launched live in the summer. They also gave some update on the development of the Mobile App and how our development team was continually refining the search algorithm.

Seb Maley, of Qdos Contractor, took to the stage next to talk more about IR35. His presentation focused on what has happened with IR35 these past few years, the aftermath and impact of public sector IR35 changes, where you currently stand as a contractor and what actions you can take, as well as a look towards the future of IR35.

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry you can find Seb’s presentation here.

Keep posted for future iContract events in 2018. Don’t forget we’ve got our Angel Investors Meeting this coming Tuesday, find out more about it here if you are interested to learn more about investment opportunities with iContract.

Many thanks to Qdos Contractor for their support and special thanks to Blooms for hosting!