Our SEEDRS campaign is closed…now to look to the future!

18th April 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Good Morning!
After 10 long but very successful weeks, we have closed our SEEDRS campaign for investment. The campaign has been an astounding success with over £800,000 raised and over 220 individual investors demonstrating their commitment to the iContract story.
Thank you to all of our investors – however big or small your contribution, your support has been vital and you’ve played a significant role in this defining chapter of our story.
The next few months promises to be an exciting time for iContract as we work towards our ultimate vision of creating a globally scalable community for contractors and a platform that transforms the way people work forever.
Your investment has paved the way for this and thanks to you we can turn this dream into reality. With over 6,000 contractors already registered, our community will continue to grow as we expand into different sectors, and roll out new features planned for the future that will only enhance your user experience of the platform.
It’s been a thrilling journey since we launched last August and it’s been great having you along for the ride. A fantastic future lies ahead for iContract, so be sure to be with us every step of the way…
Thank you again for your support and see you soon!
The iContract Team