Meet some of our service providers

12th October 2017

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Chris from iContract

The iContract platform isn’t just a place to find the latest contracts and to make connections with contractors and recruiters. At it’s heart, there is a community element which brings contractors and recruiters together from all different work backgrounds.

When people hear the word community, they might initially think of friendships and the social side of it. This is of course all true, but community also means a place where you can go for help, support and advice from peers and receive recommendations.

A place where people can go for advice and seek help from is exactly the type of community we want to emulate with iContract. Part of the iContract offering is our services section where contractors can access advice from service providers to help with them issues concerning the daily problems and admin woes that contractors face in their work lives.

In the first of a series of blog posts, we wanted to introduce you to some of our service providers and see how they can help you.

Relevant Life Expert

As a contractor, or even a company director, there are many things you’ll need to be aware of when arranging insurance policy cover. One important policty to be aware of is life insurance. Relevant Life Expert are one of the leading Relevant Life cover specialists in the UK and are dedicated to supporting business owners, contractors and families access outstanding life cover in a tax-efficient way.


One of the biggest challenges that contractors today face is finding a mortgage that is in line with their earnings and accommodates their unique work lifestyle and patterns. CMME are a specialist mortgage brokerage offering expert advice and bespoke mortgages for Independent Professionals. With there still a lack of understanding from mortgage brokers about the complexities of life as a contractor, CMME are able to make finding a mortgage a stress free exercise for contractors. CMME Sales Director Andy McBride was at our recent social event and him and the CMME team are always on hand to help the iContract community.

Qdos Contractor

Qdos are contractor specialists and a leading authority on the topic of IR35 which of course has made headlines this year in the public sector. Seek out Qdos for help with contractor insurance and advice on your IR35 status as a contractor. One of the leading advisory companies for contractors, we highly recommend Qdos’ services and their team have also provided us with expert advisory articles on topics important to contractors.

Looking for advice on contractor related issues such as contractor insurance, mortgages, IR35, and life cover? Why not join iContract’s growing contractor community and access first rate advice from our service providers. Sign up at and access our services section as a contractor here,