Meet our iContract intern Teddy!

22nd June 2017

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Our team here at iContract has recently expanded with intern Teddy Schoeck joining us. Teddy has been with us for over a week now and will be with us for the next few weeks over summer. Teddy is originally from Virginia in the U.S and is spending time in London as part of his summer placement with his college Washington & Lee University. Teddy is sharing his experience so far of working with iContract and his learning so far about the world of contracting.

Coming from the United States to London this summer made me quite anxious. I felt like I had a lot to learn. Which way do I look when crossing the road? Why do I get funny looks when I tell people I have to change my pants? What on earth is rubbish? These questions are, I’d imagine, pretty normal for people crossing the Atlantic. However, once I got connected with iContract, I had a whole new set of questions about the business world that needed answers.

I have spent the past two years at Washington & Lee University – a private university in rural Virginia. My career aspirations have varied but mostly remained in either the finance, consulting, or real estate industries. Every day I worry about how I will make it into corporate America because, well, that’s what everyone else seems to be worried about. The 9-5, or even 9-9, after graduation has seemed inevitable. But now, thanks to contracting, I have another option. One that will allow me to live my life the way I have always imagined. On my own schedule.

Two short months ago, I had no clue that contractors and recruiters existed on such a large scale. If I’m being honest, I thought contractors were mostly people that got hired to complete large construction projects. Little did I know, there are contractors in nearly every field. Furthermore, there are recruiters that are always looking to fill specific jobs. Because of contracting, people can develop specific skills, travel the world, and make a great living without following the status quo.

The exciting thing is that there is now a platform that I can use to get started. iContract will allow me to connect with recruiters in one central location. The type of work, pay, and time frame will all be covered on one platform.

With so many of my friends in a similar position as myself, I am sure they will be excited to hear about the opportunities that contracting has to offer. I have already started to spread the word. When they ask exactly how they can get started, my answer is simple – set up an account on iContract.

While I am still trying to figure out which side of the road cars should drive on, what pants are, and where I can find the trashcan, I have answered my most important questions about contracting and recruiting. More importantly, I no longer have the stress and pressure of climbing the corporate latter. Because of iContract, I have a platform that will allow me to get started how and when I desire.

Reading Teddy’s blog, he’s definitely interested in finding out more about being a contractor. Why not find out more for yourself and pre-register for iContract, the new online platform connecting contractors with recruiters. Pre-register for free here.