Let’s build a dream together

26th September 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

It’s nearly 2 months since iContract went live and in this time we’ve seen nearly 2,000 contractors invest their belief into a platform that aims to give contractors more control.

For that we are thankful for your ongoing support. We now want to share with you our long term vision for iContract that we want you to be a part of.

Imagine a world where you wake up, your smart phone alerts you to your latest matched contracts. With one click your application is on its way and soon your profile is assessed, you’re interviewed via mobile video, and an offer soon awaits you. Your contract is signed, and you start in a few days with everything taken care of. You share your good news with fellow contractors, and through online word of mouth you’re able to get a peer recommended for a contract with that same employer. All done whilst you’ve received advice and a new plan for your house’s mortgage.

You plan ahead for another contract, this time it’s one outside of the UK. Your application’s a success and you’ll be travelling abroad for a few months or working remotely from home. With your new flexible working life, you’ve found more family time and time to pursue new passions outside of work.

And all this is done without you ever leaving the house and using one single, seamless and streamlined application, iContract.

iContract is more than just a job board. The world of contracting can be your oyster, and iContract offers an innovative new path to achieve your goals as a contractor.

Stay with us on our journey and let’s build a dream together.