Keeping motivated in the work place

14th May 2017

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However exciting a project or contract might be to work on, you’re bound to experience that mid-day lull where your focus and attention may temporarily drop off and your general motivation and productiveness might dwindle somewhat. It’s absolutely normal for this to happen, but there are of course some simple ways to overcome this to help you stay motivated.

Eat well, think well

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is key to an efficient working day. With breakfast one of the most important meals of the day, it’s important you start your day with a breakfast that is filling and nourishing, but will keep you energised and alert till lunch-time.

Be aware of what foods you are consuming and how they will affect your day. For instance, eating foods high in sugar may give you an initial energy spike, but you’ll soon experience a crash and your work will suffer. Likewise, avoid foods too heavy in carbs as they may make you sluggish and tired. Slow burning carbs such as whole grain foods, along with vegetables and foods rich in Omega-3s are all good dietary choices.

It’s also important to enjoy your food and improve your relationship with it. Try to avoid eating on the go or your commute, or eating at your desk as you won’t appreciate and enjoy the real value of your food and won’t receive the full benefit of a break from work.

Daily goals and little rewards

With any day of work, it’s no use to simply amble in and take your day as it comes. You’ll see your efficiency suffer as a result and you’ll find you won’t have achieved much. Planning is everything and it’s important to have daily goals to work to and stay motivated by. Even if these are long-term goals they can be broken down into smaller goals and achieving these will give you something to measure your productiveness by and to keep you on track and motivated.

These goals can also be incentivised by little rewards. Think about ways you can inspire or motivate yourself to ensure you meet a task in a certain amount of time. It could be something as simple as a five minute comfort break or treating yourself to something as a well done to yourself.


Exercising in any way big or small can be very helpful to keep yourself active and motivated plus help you keep your energy levels up. Exercising has a sense of achievement attached to it, and achieving something as simple as a short early morning or mid-day run will inspire you to achieve more in your day and keep you in the right frame of mind to tackle what is in store for you for the rest of your day.

Remember exercise can be anything and you can make this as personalised to you as you want it to be – dancing, power walking, skipping…the possibilities are endless. And remember exercise doesn’t have to be just physical, it can be mental too – try reading a book, doing a crossword, or maybe even a puzzle. Whatever works for you.

Surround yourself by inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere and be in any form. To keep motivation levels high, ensure you’re in a surrounding that inspires you. The type of work you do of course has to inspire you, but by surrounding yourself with inspiring people, reading inspiring quotes and literature, and consuming inspiring thought leadership content online, are all sure fire ways to maintain your motivation and will help keep procrastination at bay and keep you on track to achieving your goals in your work day.

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