Keeping healthy as a contractor in the autumn/winter months

31st August 2017

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

With August now a distant memory, could the next week or two be the last chance to enjoy warmer climates and bask in the sporadic sunshine we’ve been privy to this summer.

All the signs are now signalling the return of work and soon we will be experiencing cooler temperatures and autumn will be on its way. Some people may find the transition from summer to autumn difficult and the sudden change and exposure to colder climates might make them more prone to feeling ill or catching a cold. Not an ideal situation for when returning to work. Here are some tips to keep healthy during this change in season.

Light Exercise

The key to good health is keeping active and fit. Where some people enjoy a morning run to keep the blood pumping and start their metabolism for the day, it’s important to maintain some form of light exercise in these coming months. Exercise can be anything you want it to be, a brisk walk, cycling once a week to work, or a quick swim after work – whatever it is, you’ll feel more active for it and less sluggish.

Eat and Drink Well

Eating and drinking well is key to keeping healthy in these colder months. Ensure you don’t resort to bad habits and eat meals that are nutritous and will keep you energised throughout your work day. If ever you’re feeling peckish, keep satisfied with healthy snacks such as nuts and fresh fruit, and stay away from foods with saturated fat or a high sugar count. Equally try to keep away from fizzy drinks and stay hydrated with water. In these colder months, treat yourself to nutritious and hearty meals such as stews and soups.

Control your hours

As the days get darker and temperatures drop, you may feel a bit more lethargic and prone to hibernation. With this, it’s important not to burn yourself out. At this time of year, your immune system will be tested with the many colds and flu bugs roaming around. As a contractor, it’s imprtant you don’t let yourself get in a vulnerable state. Don’t overdo it in the office and keep control of your hours and maintain that flexible work life you’re no doubt enjoying.

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