iHero round table meet-up at Kua’Aina, London

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With iContract now just under a month into its BETA stage, the team at iContract wanted to take the opportunity to thank some of its active BETA users and gain some valuable feedback on the current platform. We invited a number of our iHeroes to a round table meet-up at London burger spot Kua’Aina, where over a few drinks and Hero burgers, these users talked iContract and contributed their opinions on iContract BETA to the evening’s chorus of discussion.

It was great to find out about these users’ first hand experiences of the platform and share their story so far on the platform and also get a taste of their challenges as contractors.

Our iHeroes talked in great depth about the importance of transparency in contracts and advertising them as positions, and how it was great to see a platform that embraced this and could specify for both the job hunter and poster the exact terms of the contract, so that any search results would yield more accurate and relevant results.

Of course there are improvements to be made with iContract BETA and a few of our guests put forward their suggestions for an improved user experience function that we will be tackling next week. In particular, some users have experienced having to repeat enter certain institutions and companies in parts of their profile. We mentioned to the iHeroes the CV Import function that they weren’t all aware of but found to be a very useful feature. If you want to find out more about this feature, see our previous blog post on it.

We talked about the future of iContract and our plans to roll out a Mobile App for the platform. There was shared enthusiasm around the table about this as job applications are now typically done on the move. With the Mobile App, our iHeroes did stress the need to do a rigorous user experience test of the Mobile App to ensure its function-ability.

As the evening wrapped up we thanked our BETA users for their participation in the evening’s discussions and the importance of nights like this to help shape the development of iContract. We spoke about other potential events we planned to have in the future including a recruiter-contractor speed-dating event which all our attendees were interested at the prospect of!

Our roundtable meet-ups will be an ongoing event for the next few weeks. If you want to keep posted about these events, get in touch, or better yet, sign up now for iContract BETA here.