iContract’s community is active! Update your profile and be a part of its growing success story!

15th May 2018

Article written by:

Chris from iContract

Good Morning Contractors!

iContract is a hub of activity currently! We’re only 2 weeks into the month of May and we’ve already seen fantastic results recorded for both contractors and recruiters!

Contractors like YOU on the iContract platform, have already been…

Invited to apply for over 150 contracts!

Made over 650 applications for contracts!

Made over 100 connections with recruiters!

This trend is set to continue with more recruiters registering with iContract and posting jobs to its active contractor community.

Don’t forget! To be part of the iContract success story, it pays to spruce up your iContract profile!

Ensure your profile is up to date with all your relevant skills, employment history and contract requirements to increase your chances of being successfully matched for contracts!

Have a read of our contractor guide book here to help you enhance your iContract experience.

Have a great week!