iContract will help us focus on the things we want to: podcast with Kulveer Ranger

17th October 2016

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Kulveer Ranger is no stranger on the tech circuit. The BBC TV and radio regular has been using new technologies to solve problems for more than 20 years. Some of the most high profile projects he’s been involved in include the introduction of the Oyster card and Boris bikes to London.

Now he’s excited to be working with iContract, to help contractors streamline their lives. By reducing the boring and time-sucking admin that comes with job-seeking, contractors will have even more time to do the work and other activities they enjoy.

The time is right to launch a new method of connecting contractors with roles, he says. The way people work is rapidly changing. No longer is it expected that an employee will need to report to an office every day and sit at a desk from 9-5. People are juggling multiple roles, and working hours that allow for greater work life balance.

This new way of working is freeing people up to focus on what they enjoy in life, and now they need a platform to help make it happen.

Kulveer explains that the age of mobile has given rise to the idea of individual digital ecosystems. These ecosystems comprise your device (phone, tablet or computer), your connectivity (wifi or other connection) and your networks (like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Now, companies want to piggyback on those ecosystems to deliver services like transport (Uber) and food delivery (Deliveroo).

iContract will work through a contractor’s digital ecosystem to help them manage their work sphere. There’s limitless opportunity for growth, he says, but right now the magic is in the algorithm that cuts out hours of job-seeking and matches contractors with the right jobs.

On the future of working, Kulveer says:  “We need platforms like iContract that give us that greater freedom. It will be more creative, more exciting and hopefully we will have more fun as well.”

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