iContract User Spotlight: APS – Assurance Programme Solutions, with APS COO, Dave Newland

6th August 2018

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iContract spoke to Chief Operating Officer of Assurance Programme Solutions, Dave Newland. APS are Change & Transformation Specialists in the Wealth & Asset Management Industry, and with locations in both London and Hampshire, the company has a continual need for hiring professional contractors in the field of Finance and IT for a number of projects.

Dave’s team have been using iContract on a regular basis and have found great success in using the platform. Dave talked more about his team’s experience of using iContract.

So far, APS has placed a number of candidates with clients using iContract, and thanks to the platform’s advanced search and message function, finding suitable contractors and contacting them, has been a far more streamlined and time-saving experience; “We have found some excellent contractors using iContract who are top performing on client site. Having a platform where we can see candidates availability, day rates and experience with the ability to message them directly saves us time and effort to ensure we are speaking with the right candidates.”

Dave also highlights how useful it is to see what contractors are currently available and looking for work, and how APS can directly invite them to apply to roles advertised on the platform: “The instant generation of candidates after posting a job on the platform helps us see what the market is looking like for contractors available as well as the ability for us to ask them to apply for our role.”

iContract has also saved APS time in sourcing candidates with the platform’s search tool filtering candidates based on their day rate, contract length and preferred working location. Dave and the team regard this feature as “excellent” and has “ensured they are asking the right candidates before inviting them to apply for roles.”

The team at APS strongly recommend iContract to other employers and hirers, with Dave stating that he hasn’t “come across another platform close to the functionality iContract Provides.”

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