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12th February 2018

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Chris from iContract

It’s exciting times for us at iContract. With our contractor base growing exponentially, new features and enhancements in place, and the platform just over one week into its SEEDRS campaign and having already nearly hit the 70% mark – we are already looking forward to the next chapter in our fantastic journey…

Flexible working

More and more companies worldwide are embracing flexible working and the positive effects in can have to work life morale and overall productivity. The traditional borders that held back collaboration have been eradicated thanks to the advancement of technologies.

With employers seeing the benefits of flexible working for both work and the worker, employees who are yet to experience this perk, are looking at how they can transform their working lives for the better and adopt this flexible thinking…

Come join us…

Following on from this point, flexible working is having a tandem effect on the rise in contractor numbers. Born from the frustrations experienced in the traditional 9 to 5, the world of contracting and the flexibility it offers presents a new way of life that has led to many to say goodbye to full time work.

Those who have been unable to seek the benefits of flexible working in their full time roles, have found a new sense of satisfaction and well-being in the world of contracting.

At iContract, we are seeing contractors both established and new join our growing community, with over 4,000 contractors already registering with the platform in the space of a few months. Why not join them?

A better life awaits

Contracting and the flexibility it brings not only leads to a better work-life balance, but opens new opportunities and exciting possibilities. For one month, you could be working in the City for a short-term risk assessment lead project, and then be pursuing your own passions through travel and adventure sports the next, all whilst learning a new language on the side.

Here at iContract, we don’t just want to give contractors the tools to manage their working lives, we also want to help them enhance their lives outside of work and show the world what joys contracting can bring.

A streamlined service

Sometimes finding the right opportunity for yourself as a contractor can be difficult and stressful. You might search high and low, and have so many platforms and different ways of applying for roles and handling applications, you find you have no time to focus on your work.

With iContract continually enhancing its proprietary algorithm, we are continually working hard towards providing its user base with a tailored and personal search experience that connects people and opportunities together quicker, easier and more efficiently. With our contract and contractor recommendation feature, both contractor and recruiter can find what they are looking for in a more seamless and streamlined way.

More than just a job board

With over 600 recruiters currently using the iContract platform, we’ve seen over 1.5 k jobs posted since its launch in August.

As fantastic a stat that is, iContract is more than just a place to find the latest contract jobs. An open and growing community where contractors can connect, chat and engage with each other over industry discussions, and seek community advice in the form of service providers and offline community events. Whether you’re about to embark on your journey as a contractor for the first time, or a seasoned contract professional, iContract is a place for all your contracting needs under one roof, and we won’t stop there…

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