iContract’s Rating System

5th December 2018

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In a world of 7.7 billion people, it can be hard standing out.

This is especially true when it comes to landing your dream contract.

A CV can be a great tool to highlight your skills or name-drop the impressive University you attended, but in today’s competitive society is this really going to land you the job?

Research shows that recruiters and hiring managers are becoming increasingly more interested in candidate’s soft skills, like cooperation, consistency and communication. They want to know from the get-go if a particular candidate is going to be the right fit, not only in terms of skill-set, but also in regards to their character.

This is why we developed a rating system that allows iContract contractors to display a personalised rating report on their live profile.

How does it work?

  • You can request ratings from three previous clients or peers.
  • You can be rated on any skills you have listed on your profile, as well as the five mandatory fields: competence, communication, consistency, cooperation and character.
  • Once you have received ratings from all three reviewers, an insight report is generated. It is entirely optional to display this on your profile or keep it private.
  • The reviewer has the option to leave a short message or reference.
  • Displaying the personalised insight report will increase your profile visibility to talent seekers and allow you to build your reputation, as well as provide a more personalised picture of you and your previous work history.

Talent seekers want a win-win situation. They want to find an applicant who is not only capable of fulfilling the job description but is the right fit personality wise. Highlighting soft skills is a way to show hirers your competency to complete tasks and how quickly you can cooperate on projects and adapt to company values.

For the contractor, it takes away the awkward “sell yourself” cover letter that comes with applying for jobs. Nobody wants to talk about their exceptional communication skills or how they’re an outstanding character who everyone would love to work with. Ratings and reviews from third parties hold more value.

A survey conducted by the Business Insider UK states that “UK job seekers have to apply for an average of 27 positions just to get one interview. This translates to an average of 6.5 hours per week searching for a new job”

Who has time for that?!

We know that contractors, in particular, want a quick turn around between contract jobs. This is why we have designed a function that will reduce the time spent searching the internet applying for position after position.

With our new rating system, within minutes you can create a detailed profile that shows not only your skills and capability for the position, but also a sneak preview of you as a person and what you’re like to work with.

Less time writing cover letters, more time relaxing in an Italian coastal town sipping espressos and eating pasta? We thought so.

Finally, a way to stand out from the crowd and land the contract you deserve.

Try it out today!