iContract can help start-ups with their hiring needs

14th June 2017

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Through a quick Google search, or browse through LinkedIn, you’ll no doubt see your feed dedicated to news on start-ups, be it recent investments and funding news, the launch of a new start-up, or maybe a new hire for a growing start-up. The start-up world is an industry that is rich with community news, updates and opinion, thanks to its continual growth. Every day we are seeing new start-ups being created and new ideas being brought to life, and with this it’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in the start-up scene.

Start-ups allow the type of personal  development that you can’t always get in a 9 to 5 full time role. Those working in the start-up environment have always championed the scope it can give you for enhancing your skill set and experience as no day is ever the same in a start-up and the challenges you face are always exciting ones. Start-ups give people the chance to to forge their own journeys and create their own stories and see their ideas become a reality, and so present an exciting prospect in contrast to the hum-drum of the 9 to 5.

Working in a start-up at its early stage, you’ll of course need to grow appropriately and in line with the type of investment and budget you will have at your disposal. Contractors present an ideal solution to your recruitment needs as a start-up thanks to the flexibility and financial incentive they offer. But where can you find these contractors who will be the right fit for your organisation and the type of growth your start-up will experience? iContract offers an ideal solution to your hiring needs at the early and exciting stage of a start-up…

We’re digital people

Start-up environments are of course digitally focused and start-up workers like to carry on this tradition in the way they carry out their work. iContract is a new online platform that gives contractors the chance to connect with start-up hiring managers and build their network online. With iContract, start-ups looking to hire can search for contractors and network with them using our online platform, thus keeping things digital and reducing the need for old school communication methods like telephoning.

You know who you want

In any start-up, whatever stage it is at, you will have extremely specific and bespoke hiring needs that cover a broad range of criteria be it rate of pay, contract length, amount of days working, as well as the required skill-set and experience you desire an applicant to be. With iContract’s unique search tool, start-up hiring managers can set specific criteria in their candidate search and will be instantly recommended to relevant candidates. iContract’s algorithmic matching engine ensures a more personalised and bespoke search experience that is tailored to a hiring manager’s distinct preferences and requirements.

You want it quick

The increase in start-ups is down to the astounding rate at which all start-ups develop and grow. In any start-up, it needs to show strong and fast legs and can’t fall behind the pack. Start-ups are based on ideas and an idea needs to take off with almost immediate effect and must demonstrate that it is a viable enterprise and presents long-term potential and success. Using iContract, start-up hiring mangers can connect with candidates quickly. With its ability to filter candidates based on specific criteria, start-up hiring managers can find relevant candidates without the need to spend copious hours trawling through CV’s and screening candidates over the phone.

Are you a start-up hiring manager, own a start-up, or thinking about launching your own start-up? iContract can help your team grow and connect you with the right type of people suited to what stage your start-up is at.

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