iContract : A new type of recruitment platform

27th February 2017

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iContract is the new online platform that connects contractors with recruiters and offers valuable advice to the contractor community.

With over 1,700 contractors already pre-registered, iContract aims to revolutionise the hiring process of the contracting world; giving more flexibility and control to the contractor, and streamline the recruitment process for contract recruiters.

iContract’s story

CEO and Founder Amanda Cai, a previous contractor in the financial sector saw a growing need for contractors to better manage their contracting lifestyle. In a time of increasing work flexibility, how could contractors embrace that lifestyle and achieve a positive work-life balance?

What if there was a go-to platform that could help contractors organise their contract applications, current contracts and availability all in one place? More-so, a platform that connects contractors and recruiters who are each looking for a compatible online experience tailored to both their needs.

Not just a place for finding and managing projects, but somewhere you could receive relevant and helpful advice from a growing community of peers that you could interact with, and a pool of reputable service providers that could advise you on all things contracting.

And with that, iContract was born.

Recruitment is changing

Technology has impacted the world of recruitment and made it a faster and more time precious industry. As much as hiring managers would love to give each and every candidate they work with a more personable approach, the competitiveness of the market doesn’t always allow time for this. LinkedIn has demonstrated that recruiters are generally more interested in the profile than the application. Candidates need no longer fill out arduous forms, or find the inspiration to write a standout cover letter – an application is now just a click away for most job hunters.

These changes are increasingly evident in the contracting world. With the abundance of contracting opportunities that recruiters are posting today, a recruiter is looking to find the right candidate with the appropriate skill set for their post. With these contract opportunities needing to be filled quick, recruiters would prefer not to experience a long, drawn out hiring process. Any opportunity to fast track this and simplify the process would be extremely welcome.

It’s a match!

The emphasis on big data has led to the rise of applications heavily focused on algorithms and compatibility to create a more tailored and personalised experience for users. The implementation of this kind of data has of course been seen with the many dating apps available to use. Data has now found a natural home in the recruitment industry with recruiters utilising online platforms that connect them with the right kind of candidate. Likewise, contractors are just as keen to connect with recruiters who meet their expectations in the contracts that they post.

A solution that matches recruiters and contractors using specifically filtered data can save both parties time by matching suitable candidates for recruiters, and matching suitable contracts for candidates, No more wasted time over problems such as; a contractor lacking a specific skill set for a contract, or a contract not matching a contractor’s overall expectations and preferences for a role or project.

You’re not alone

Being self-employed as a contractor can be a scary prospect. You’re essentially on your own, having to market yourself and be responsible for generating your own income. But that’s not all, becoming a contractor isn’t something that happens overnight. There are fundamental arrangements you’ll need to organise such as accountancy, insurance and pensions, before you even think about applying for contracts.

Where do you begin? Who can you trust? And how do you know what options are right for you?

A community that allows for peer to peer interaction and free and impartial advice from respected industry experts would reassure would-be contractors that were apprehensive about entering the contractor market.

It’s OK to be flexible

The work world continues to embrace the concept of flexible working and rightly so. People do no want to become a slave to the 9 to 5 and employers are starting to understand the need for a better work-life balance.

The flexible work environment will continue to gain momentum and contractors will welcome this news with open arms.

There has been a demand for flexible working in the contractor sector, and now this demand has been met, all contractors need now are the tools to make it work for them.


iContract delivers on all these fronts and more. Covering the tech, financial and law sectors, with more sectors to come, iContract will soon be the go-to destination for both contractors and recruiters in the contracting market.

Launching in April 2017, contractors can sign up for free here.

Introduce a recruiter or direct hiring manager to iContract and earn 10% of their first year subscription fee. Find out more about out advocate programme here.

Recruiters can pre-register to benefit from a 6-month free trial period. The first 50 companies to pre-register as a Launch Partner will benefit from a 20% discount on first year’s subscription fees after the 6 months free trial period. Register here.