How to reach and engage with candidates effectively as a recruiter

15th June 2017

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One of the biggest challenges for recruiters today is connecting with new pools of candidates and ensuring that they apply for the positions that they are advertising on behalf of clients. With today’s candidates a different type of candidate compared to twenty years ago, it’s proving even more difficult for recruiters to have great success with your current crop of candidates.

Here’s just a few tips on how to attract them and keep them engaged with your hiring efforts.

Remove the hurdles

We’re living in a time precious world today. Candidates, thanks to the instant gratification of modern technology are becoming less patient and their attention spans are reducing constantly. With so much out there, you only have a small window of time to get your messaging across clearly and efficiently.

Candidates today don’t want to deal then with clunky forms and arduously enter copious amounts of detail with any job application. Ensure that whatever your position or method of application is, it doesn’t contain numerous hurdles for candidates to jump over for them to apply. A CV import tool is a very user friendly and efficient way to extract the data you need from a candidate quickly and easily.

Can they find you?

Recruitment or the art of hiring is often compared to the world of dating. The interview process is something in which two people have to see if they’re compatible to each other’s needs and aspirations.

In some cases though, you’ll find that recruiters or hiring managers with great positions to offer from top clients don’t always meet the perfect candidates. For whatever reason, they always seem to miss each other and ultimately both parties struggle with their objectives – recruiters to find the ideal candidate, and candidates the ideal job!

As a recruiter, are you advertising in the right places and to the right type of people? Perhaps your job advertisements are lacking in detail and description, meaning that candidates can’t find you through an online search or don’t have enough information to get them engaged about the role.

Can they be reached?

We’ve talked about the modern day candidate and their hectic lifestyle which leaves them more time precious than ever. Think about this when approaching them about potential roles. Will they have time to take an in-depth phone call? Most candidates today are digital creatures so prefer a quick online approach which highlights to them all they need to know in a quick and simple manner.

iContract is the new online platform that connects contractors with recruiters and helps fast track the hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers. With its CV import tool, candidates can create their iContract profile quickly and easily. 

iContract’s proprietary algorithmic matching engine ensures recruiters are connected to the right type of candidate that is relevant to the positions that they are advertising.

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